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Paolo Sandulli was born in Avellino in 1949. After classical studies he was enrolled for two years at the Faculty of Architecture in Naples. He attended the Course of Painting by G. Brancaccio at the School of Fine Arts in Naples, then he moved to Rome where he graduated in painting with Maestro Gentilini. He continued his studies in Paris, at La Ruche, previous residence of Chagall, Soutine, Archipenko and Viani. In 1980 he moved back to Naples and opened a studio in Naples for six years, exhibiting his works at the Mediterranean gallery by Paolo Ricci. Then he moved to Bergamo at Ca’ Rossa in Mapello. Since 1993 he lives in Praiano, Amalfi Coast, dedicating himself to sculpture and pottery. Some of his works adorn the gardens of the Palazzo Murat in Positano, the Bellevue Syrene of Sorrento, the restaurant of the olive at Capri Palace Hotel in Anacapri and the houses and tower on the island of Li Galli facing Positano. Paintings and sculptures are in private collections in Italy and abroad.

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Personal expositions:

  • 1970 Circolo della Stampa, Avellino
  • 1971 Galleria Meneghini, Milano
  • 1974 Galleria Arti Visive, Roma
  • 1976 Galleria Arte 33, Avellino
  • 1978 Galleria Documenta, Torino
  • 1979 Azienda Soggiorno e Turismo, Positano
  • 1979 Museo Irpino, Avellino
  • 1980 Antichi Arsenali della Repubblica, Amalfi
  • 1981 Galleria Mediterranea, Napoli
  • 1981 Palazzo Murat, Positano
  • 1982 Galleria Mediterranea, Napoli
  • 1982 Galleria Arte 33, Avellino
  • 1983 Galleria Documenta, Torino
  • 1983 Galleria Mediterranea, Napoli
  • 1983 Palazzo Murat, Positano
  • 1983 Castello Aragonese, Ischia
  • 1984 Centro Culturale Polivalente, S.Giuseppe Vesuviano
  • 1985 Galleria Arte 33, Avellino
  • 1986 Castello Aragonese, Ischia
  • 1986 La Bottegaccia, Salerno
  • 1987 Galleria Il Convento, Ischia
  • 1987 Galleria zia Maria, Positano
  • 1988 Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Vienna
  • 1988 Galleria Ganzerli, Napoli
  • 1988 Stufe di Nerone, Baia
  • 1988 Torre a Mare, Praiano
  • 1989 Le Myricae, Roma
  • 1989 Torre a Mare, Praiano
  • 1990 Galleria Vantellini, Milano
  • 1990 Galleria Gris, Avellino
  • 1990 Torre a Mare, Praiano
  • 1991 Torre a Mare, Praiano
  • 1992 Arte 33, Avellino
  • 1993 Torre a Mare, Praiano

  • 1993 Antichi Arsenali della Repubblica di Amalfi
  • 1993 Ex Carcere Borbonico, Avellino
  • 1994 Centro Culturale Poiein, Napoli
  • 1995 Casa della Cultura Victor Hugo, Avellino
  • 1995 Galleria Idee d’Arte, Positano
  • 1995 Galleria Arcadia, Avellino
  • 1997 Studio Parisio, Napoli
  • 1999 La Gabella Marina di Praia, Praiano
  • 2004 Hotel Poisedon, Positano
  • 2005 Hotel Bellevue Syrene, Sorrento
  • 2005 Galleria d’Arte “Seidlstrasse 4 Galerie & Cantina”, Murnau
  • 2007 Museo Villa Ruffolo, Ravello
  • 2008 Mediterraneo, Positano

Un sogno in fondo al mare

Un sogno in fondo al 

mare, libro scritto da Paolo Sandulli

It's not a tale because there are no kings nor queens, neither talking animals nor a final moral. Anyway it's a story about animals and humans, where animals are animals and humans are humans.

Un sogno in fondo al mare by Paolo Sandulli

Group expositions

  • 1972 "Ipotesi 5" Galleria Arte 33, Avellino
  • 1973 he creates "II Controdado" a gallery self-managed by a group of painters
  • 1975 Pittori in Positano "Aquae Romanum Opus", Sorrento
  • 1976 "Recontre d'Artistes Contemporeins" Parigi
  • 1976 works as a scenographist at "Teatrino" Parigi
  • 1977 he realizes with Fabio Rieti eight windows "Trompe d'oil" in the square facing the Centre Pompidou in Paris
  • 1982 "Percorsi della figuratività a Napoli " Napoli
  • 1982 "Immagini Campania 1982" Museo Irpino Avellino
  • 1985 'Tre pittori Napoletani" Galleria Mediterranea Napoli
  • 1985 "Marine" Galleria Documenta Torino
  • 1992 Catelli Lippi Sandulli Waschimps, Galleria Mediterranea, Napoli
  • 1993 Sella di Neve, Bisaccia
  • 1994 IV Rassegna Internazionale “Miscellanea” Ex Carcere Borbonico, Avellino
  • 1996 “Virtualità del Vaso” Museo del Vino Fondazione Longarotti, Torgiano
  • 1996 “Elementaria”, Montemiletto
  • 1997 “Pittori delle due Costiere Amalfitana e Sorrentina”, Maiori – Sorrento
  • 2008 Galleria Forni, Ragusa
  • 2009 Galleria Forni, Ragusa

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The “Torre a Mare” studio is one of thirty-four towers of the Amalfi Coast. Conical on a circular base, it is crowned by "drains", only two of which remain today. The structure is in local limestone and the thickness of the walls is approximately three meters at the basis and about two meters at the upper part. Internally it is composed of two rooms with an overlying dome. A big tank is located at the basement, and there is a stairway to access the upper room and terrace. The tower is identified by some historians as "Torre Assiola" or "Sciola" erected in 1278; others regard to it as "Torre a mare", built in 1558. In the 50's, it experienced some little transformations: in the basement room a small guarding window was enlarged to allow a better view of the sea, and an elegant wooden staircase to access the top floor was also realized; at the top floor a small bathroom was built. Outside a chute and a square terrace in front of the door were obtained to have an easier access. The tower has been Paolo Sandulli art studio for nearly two decades.

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